Namib Quest MTB Stage Race and Namibia Safari

The Windhoek Light Namib Quest is a 6-day , 480km (300mile) mountain bike stage race that begins in the historic capital city of Namibia, and ends 6 days later in the famous coastal town of Swakopmund. The Namib Quest was the first multi stage MTB event which featured a new race village, in the Namibian wilderness, for each of the stages. The route passes through the folded mountains of the Khomas Hochland, dropping down through the transition plateau into the famous Namib Desert, and includes parts of the Namib Naukluft Park. Riders have the privilege of passing through areas that are essentially closed to the general public.

And after or before your race, if you are looking for an African destination that is a perfect mix of wildlife safari, amazing landscapes and authentic cultural experiences, yet is safe and full of historic elements at the same time, you have found your dream itinerary! Namibia is truly the most scenic country on the African continent, featuring giant sand dunes, granite rock formations, breath-taking beaches, vast expanses of the Kalahari bush, rolling farm hills, dry lake bottoms and a great variety of valuable habitats for wildlife. Namibia is beautiful, safe and diverse; this trip is a must for the adventure traveller.

We can cater to your specific individual needs when it comes to your Namib Quest race and Namibia Safari, customising the length and order of your trip any way you prefer it. Or, you can allow us to suggest the best trip for you. Whichever option you choose, you can be assured of an amazing Namibian riding and nature experience!

We are waiting for confirmation of the next Namib Quest MTB stage race date.
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