Desert Dash & Namibia Safari

More than an endurance mountain bike race, the Desert Dash is a wild beast that lures you, challenges you and allows only a few to stay on its back. It’s a 369km, 24 hour fight between human and nature, body and mind.”

The Nedbank Desert Dash is a 369km (230mi), 24 hour non-stop mountain bike race that crosses the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, in the southern African country of Namibia. The race starts in the capital city of Windhoek, follows the famous gravel road westwards, and finishes in the beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund. It starts at 3pm on Friday, and the cut-off time is at 3pm on Saturday. The race is covered in six stages, and riders can participate in teams of two or four. The first and final stages must be cycled by all team members, while the teams take it in turns to cycle the middle four stages. It is a mental test of ability as much as it is a physical test of fitness and endurance.

We can give you the option to ride the race solo, or if you don’t have a partner, we can arrange a spot in a team of 2 or 4 for you.

When you have done your race, it is time to relax and enjoy all that the wonderful country of Namibia has to offer. We offer many self-drive or guided safaris to all parts of this wonderful country that we call home. Namibia is truly the most scenic country on the African continent, featuring giant sand dunes, granite rock formations, breath-taking beaches, vast expanses of the Kalahari bush, rolling farm hills, dry lake bottoms and a great variety of valuable habitats for wildlife, including Africa’s Big 5 and incredibly rich birdlife. Namibia is beautiful, safe and diverse; this trip is a must for the adventure traveller.

We can cater to your specific individual needs when it comes to your Desert Dash race and Namibia Safari, customising the length and order of your trip any way you prefer it. Or, you can allow us to suggest the best trip for you. Whichever option you choose, you can be assured of an amazing Namibian riding and nature experience!

This year’s Desert Dash is scheduled for 9 December 2022.
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