Stay Active on Safari

Many active people are concerned that when they go on safari, they will just sit around and not exercise or lose their flexibility and/or fitness. With our Active on Safari itineraries we make sure you stay active on your chosen Nature Travel safari, wherever in the world that may be.
As part of ourActive on Safari program here at Nature Travel Active, we are excited to announce our two specific options for you to choose from on your next safari with us. We have recently partnered with one of the top biokineticist practices in Namibia and together with them we have perfected these two options for our clients.

The first option will be where the biokineticist does NOT join you on your chosen safari, but rather works out a basic fitness routine or program to do on your own or as a group activity with your fellow travelers.
This will include daily fitness activities from a variety of options, including running / hiking / walking / swimming / biking / strength training and stretching. The programs will differ depending on the amount of days on safari, and the various activities/facilities offered by the venue/lodge. We will offer you an individualised program depending on your fitness goals/requirements. You will answer a simple health questionnaire as well a questionnaire which states your level of fitness, requests, preferences regarding exercises and avoidance of specific exercises.

The second option we offer is where our biokineticist physically joins you on your Nature Travel safari. This is an exclusive option, where the biokineticist functions as an operator whereby he/she presents the following:
Morning and afternoon sessions with clients (strength training class, run, hike, bike, yoga, massages) where we structure the programs in such a way that you never have the same type of class/experience twice during a tour.
Individual sessions during the day, specifically focusing on the needs of the individual client.
Educational/info sessions with clients regarding fitness components ranging from rehabilitation of specific conditions, planning your fitness journey and wellness lifestyle, the importance of being physically active, program design, functional training anatomy, etc.
Massages: Our biokineticist will offer you daily massages as needed, depending on your individual needs and preferences, including sports massages, deep tissue massages, etc.
We also offer a “gym in a bag” option on all our safaris, that can also be incorporated into the above two options. We will pack a bag (with carefully selected specific items) for you with everything you need to do a complete full body workout while out on safari in the bush.

Please contact us at to get pricing details and more information on how to add this exciting active component to your next Nature Travel safari!